Working Environment

The Council is a proving ground for the best talents, where excellence and professional distinction, which furthers the goals of the Council, is encouraged. It is home to over 30 nationalities, who undoubtedly bring a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds to the organization. The Council sets the bar high in terms of expectations of its employees.

The environment is challenging, demanding but equally rewarding in the opportunities available for the ambitious and motivated professional.

Testimonials from employees about working at the Council:

“The way the Council is different, relative to other organizations, is in its approach to investing and in our work culture. Here the whole team is involved in the investment decisions and in assessing the risk and return factors. Basically, what ties me to the Council is the team spirit, style of management and flat levels of hierarchy with an open door policy.”
Ahmed, Senior Analyst, Direct Investments
“The Abu Dhabi Investment Council provides a working environment that is both challenging and rewarding. I believe that the exposure and development I have gained, both personally and professionally, is of the highest caliber globally. Being surrounded by an array of top-level investment professionals offers me an environment where I am both challenged and mentored in a way that my learning curve is constantly being pushed to new bounds.”
Amer, Trainee, Investment Analysis
“The Council has a unique work environment where knowledge across the organization is shared and used so that the total is larger than the sum of its parts.”
Khaled, Executive Director, Real Estate
“When thinking of the culture of the Council the first word that comes to my mind is professionalism. The culture and work ethics that we stand by are of a high professional level. There is a friendly working atmosphere where I believe the employees enjoy coming to work in the morning. The team spirit within my division is based on dedication. We work together to achieve our goals and support one another in the process of doing so.”
Layla, HR Officer
“I joined the Council in 2008 found my new role very challenging and promising given the flat management structure of the organization. It is challenging indeed to implement the best practice in our profession given the relatively small size of the team, so you do not really count the working hours but at the end of the day: what an amazing learning experience.”
Njara, Senior Risk Analyst
“Council employees are treated very fairly and made to feel worthy. Hence, employees are also motivated to give back their best to the organization.”
Noeleen, Executive Assistant